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Vehicles have become an inevitable aspect of our day-to-day lives. Almost everyone has some or the other vehicle they use for different purposes, some for business and some personal. But these days, theft of all kinds is on the rise, and so is vehicular theft. With advanced technology and scientific strategies, vandals and thieves can easily duplicate the keys or find other means to achieve their motives. Apart from the theft, damage to the internal security parts of vehicles is not a rare occurrence as well.
Do you own a vehicle that you cherish and go places with? Do you want to protect it before it’s too late? Do you have a problem with the locks of your car? Then you definitely need a professional automotive locksmith! Why?

Here are some scenarios where you’ll need an automotive locksmith: 

  • Have you ever been locked out of the car, with the keys left inside and desperately want to unlock the car? These situations can be tough to handle, but with our mobile locksmith services, we’re just one call away from your place and can resolve your emergency lockout issue.
  • Did your old key break within the port with a part of it still inside, making it impossible for you to drive? Sometimes old or worn out keys might break within the lock. But do not worry! Our broken key extraction services can get the work done quickly and safely without damaging the lock.
  • Have you ever wanted to change the keys or duplicate them? We offer car key duplication services.
  • Do you need high-security car locks made? We provide a wide range of cutting-edge locks and high-security laser cut keys and transponder keys.

If these are some problems you face, then we offer the perfect solution to it. City Locksmith Shop has amassed a phenomenal reputation for its automotive locksmith services in Minneapolis, MN area. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in regaining access to their vehicles, fixing broken locks, duplicating car keys, carrying out ignition repairs and a lot more


What we offer?

  • 24-hour automotive locksmith services
  • Presence across Minneapolis, MN locality
  • City Locksmith Shop Minneapolis, MN 612-568-1052Fast resolution of locksmith issues
  • Emergency opening of car doors, windows etc.,
  • On-the-spot auto locksmith service
  • Car lockout solutions with no damage to vehicle
  • Rekeying of car locks
  • Ignition key duplication 
  • Swift ignition repairs
  • High-security lock implementation
  • Car key cutting and duplication
  • Extraction of broken keys from ignition
  • High-security key cutting
  • Transponder car key programming
  • Switchblade key creation
  • Trunk unlock service
  • GM VAT keys duplication

And more

We specialize in developing transponder car keys and high security laser-built car keys which is the next big thing in securing cars. These keys are made in a way that even if someone attempts to duplicate them, it only proves futile. We also offer ignition repair services. If you want to get the ignition switch of your car or vehicle repaired, then you don’t have to seek out a car dealer as we can help you out at half the cost and ten times as fast. No matter what the lock & locksmith issue with your vehicle is, City Locksmith Shop assures you a quick solution.

City Locksmith Shop retains a remarkable position in the locksmith services industry. Our automotive locksmiths are trustworthy and can handle your queries with precision and efficiency. Give us a call today, and our professional locksmiths will swiftly put your locksmith woes to an end!